Sunday, June 9, 2013

A Crazy Amazing Adventure is Just Around the Corner!!!

It's official!!! I'm going to Korea!! My visa came in the mail and my ticket is brought... only 50 days!!!

I sent out some prayer cards this week to people who I will not see before I leave. If you are going to see me do not worry I have prayer cards for you- you just get it in person! :) I would appreciate your prayers so much as I follow God on this next crazy, amazing adventure He has for me. I'm so excited to be joining the community at PICS and living in South Korea. It is definitely a dream come true to have this opportunity to teach overseas. I feel so blessed and so excited!

My new goal for this blog is to kept YOU (my supporters, encouragers, prayer warriors, friends and family) updated on my journey/adventure. I promise to keep you updated as much as I can as a first-year-teacher transitioning into a new culture! ;)

Love, Daniella