Sunday, December 7, 2014

One of my favorite holidays snuck up on me this year, Thanksgiving and Christmas is quickly approaching my other favorite holiday. It feels like the days are just flying by with craziness so much to do with so little time. I don’t like this feeling I have decided. I am slowly learning what it means to really enjoy the small moments of day and to not crowd my schedule so much. Of course there can always be more that I can do and want to do, but filling my schedule packed full is not helping me be all that I am supposed to be instead it stretches me thinner. It overwhelms. It makes me anxious. It causes me to wake up at 4:30am. It drains me. It makes my body tell me it is done being busy.

 It is so hard for me to say “no” to people because I tell myself it is being selfish, but God has really been working on this area in my heart. He has placed awesome people in my life to be great examples to me of living a life of less busy. They have given me wonderful wisdom on how to live a life full, but a “different” kind of full. Not a full of busy and things to do all the time, but more of creating space and being more intentional. As the year of 2014 is coming to end and we look forward to what 2015 has I want to be more aware and intentional with what I fill my schedule up with. I want to be able to have the peace and assurance that it is not always selfish to say no and that when I do have those thoughts I need to seek God for what the intentions of my heart are. I don’t have to do everything. Creating space is good. Being intentional is better than accomplishing more things. Loving people around me deeply is more important. Doing what God has called me to rather than building up my resume of what I can do is more important. To be less of me and more of pointing to my Savior is what my soul longs for and is important. I pray that I won’t get in the way of God using me. I pray that I would be less of me and more of Him in my everyday life. This journey of life is a messy, but beautiful one. Always learning, always discovery, always seeking…

My life has gotten too busy doing instead of investing and enjoying so I am. I am going to practice saying “no”. I have a feeling that it is going to be hard and there may be many tears on my end, but I am willing to surrender and allow God to work through this process that He is calling me to. He has been whispering to me for many years… “Daniella, Daniella, [Martha, Martha] you are anxious and trouble about many things, but one thing is necessary.” (Luke 10: 38-42). It is time to surrender to saying “no” and saying “yes” only to my Savior.

Christmas is one my favorite times of the year filled with so many wonderful memories. As we go through each day of this Christmas season let’s not let the busy of the season get in the way of what Christmas is truly about. Let’s allow the schedules to be less and worshipping our Savior to be more. Let's remember to come to Jesus who promises to give us rest. He just ask that we would come to Him. Just come. I am coming, Christ. I am coming.  Happy Christmas!
O Come, Let Us Adore Him

Love, Daniella