Sunday, November 18, 2012


Hello Sweet Friends,

The last couple of weeks have been packed with teaching, lesson planning, exploring, deepening friendships, learning, leaning on God, and laughter!

Some highlights:
  • Teaching my 4th grade class in math, and reading (this week I am adding bible)
  • One of my students thanking me for teaching her
  • Another student telling me at 8 o'clock at night that I needed to go home from school and get some rest (it was so sweet)
  • Prayer time with my roommates
  • Going to Thai church and worshipping with Thai believers
  • Getting a massage after a waking up with a sore neck
  • Eating mango and sticky rice with coconut milk
  • Hiking Doi Inthanon National Park (it was beautiful)
  • Drinking Starbucks (a moment of being homesick)
  • Soaking in the beauty of Thailand
  • Holding a sweet baby boy at Agpapa home
Of course there are so many stories that go with each of these hightlights and so many others things that I could add to this list, but I just wanted to give you a glimpse of the past two weeks.  To say the least I am LOVING Thailand and all that God is teaching me during my time here.

Enjoy the week,

Sunday, November 4, 2012

My "New" Home....

Hello Friends,

Hope your week has been wonderful. I am soaking up every minute in Thailand. I have differently fallen in love with the culture, the slow pace of life, the food, the people, and of course Grace International!

This week I got to meet my students and observe my teacher. It was a wonderful week of learning and watching my mentoring teacher teach as well as other teachers at Grace. My teacher is such a kind, gentle-spirit and loving teacher. She has such a heart for each student in her classroom. I am so thankful for her and all that I am going to learn during my time in her classroom. A highlight of my week has been praying each morning with my teacher for the day, for the students and for wisdom as we teach. What blessing to give all things to the Lord.

Also, this week I had the awesome privilege of going to Agape Home. Agape Home provides a loving family for 80+ children aged 0-21 years. Most children at Agape home have been impacted by HIV. My heart melted the minute I was handed a little boy named Benjamin. It was a precious time of feeding him a bottle and praying over his future. To learn more about Agapa Home you can click on the link.

 Here are some pictures of my new "home" and my classroom:

My "new" home from the outside!

My bedroom

Our Living Room

Our Kitchen
My Classroom!

This week I am starting to teach some lessons to my 4th graders. I will be teaching Math and Reading! I can't wait!

Enjoy your week,