Sunday, October 28, 2012

A Relaxing Time at the Beach:

A blessing is what I can describe this past week in Thailand. I arrived in Chiang Mai on Friday and left on Sunday to Phuket (which is an island connected to Thailand).  It was amazing time of relaxing by the pool, lying on the beach, developing relationships and reflecting on my first student-teaching placement in Upland. I also had a blast getting to know some of the teachers who teach at Grace. They are such wonderful, caring, loving and helpful people. I am so blessed.


I arrived back in Chiang Mai late Thursday night so that I could have some time to get ready for my next class! J I met my mentoring teacher Friday morning for breakfast and it was a wonderful time getting to know each other. My mentoring teac her is such a lovely, caring, and understanding lady. I am way beyond excited to learn from her over the next few months.  Tomorrow is the day that I get to meet my students… Yay!

This weekend I have spent some quality time with one of my roommates getting to know her better. We adventure out last night to a clothing market and ate Thai bbq with some friends. It was an adventure and so much fun trying new things.  Today, I went to church and later tonight I am going to eat pizza with an admission counselor from Taylor and some high school students who are considering coming to Taylor… how fun!  
Please keep me updated with your life, and share any prayer requests you have!


Saturday, October 20, 2012

Oh, the place You'll Go... Thailand!

Hello dear friends,

As some of you know I attempted to start a blog two years ago and it did not last very long, but I have decided to attempt again.

The reason I want to start blogging again is because I am off on a great adventure of student-teaching in Thailand! Before I left the United States many of you, family and friends, asked if I could keep you updated on my life in Thailand so I thought no better way than to keep a blog!

I will try my best to update my blog at least once or twice a week. My hope is that through this blog I am able to share with you what God is teaching me, show you what my life here looks like and to keep in contact with you!

Student-teaching overseas has been a dream of mine since I was a freshman in high school. It is so crazy to think that it is coming true!

I started on my journey from Indianapolis where a dear friend drove me to the airport at 3am in the pouring rain. I boarded my flight to Atlanta. From Atlanta I flew 15 hours to Seoul, Korea and finally arrived in Chiang Mai, Thailand 29 hours later. Waiting at the airport where two sweet ladies (one being my housemate) to pick me up. We arrived at my "new" home for the next two months and it hit me “I am in Thailand”.  I was shown around the home then off to bed I went sleeping straight through the night.

Day 2 in Thailand found me waking up to the blazing sun, eating at a yummy restaurant (fresh avocado salad), and grocery shopping, unpacking, and watching a movie with my housemates.

Today, I am excited because I am traveling to Phuket with 12 other singles from Grace to enjoy Fall Break at the beach. I am looking forward to resting and getting to know people who work at Grace.

The Lord has been so faithful to me through this journey of getting me to Thailand. I am so thankful for the safe travels and the JOY I have experienced so far. I know that I will experience hard times, but for now I am resting in fact that God is watching over me.

Please keep me updated with your life, and share any prayer requests you have!