Tuesday, July 22, 2014


My soul is happy. My body is tried. My heart is encouraged. It has been an amazing summer soaking in so much of God’s grace and goodness. Someone asked me “What has been your favorite part of the summer?” And I can honestly answer every single minute of it.

I loved spending 3 weeks with my dad, mom and sister. I loved having dad-daughter dates, mama-daughter dates and sister dates. I loved spending the weekend in Bozeman with my whole family.  I loved talking with my montana mentor, Annie. I loved hiking in Glacier Park and meeting new friends at YWAM MT. I loved helping my best friend from high school with her wedding and stand by her side as she said “I do”. I loved spending quality time with my grandparents. I loved being a part of my college el ed friend’s wedding. I loved that I got to see Christy and just talk. I loved being in Indiana. I loved running again with Kristin. I loved talking with Danielle. I loved being adventurous with Kat. I loved going to the park with Laura. I loved eating dinner with Cath. I loved having lunch with Dr. Tyner and Stan. I loved sitting by the president’s pond with Kari for a quick little visit. I loved walking around TU campus with my college housemates. I loved visiting Ivanhoe’s twice in two days. I loved talking with Jess about life ahead. I loved sitting in Starbucks chit-chatting with Dereck. I loved the worship at my college church. I loved walking around 100 acres with friends. I loved reconnecting with Ann, a high school friend. I loved seeing aunts, uncles, and cousins. I loved my summer.
It was a full summer of rich conversations, encouraging words and reflecting on so many memories. I am so thankful for each person who took the time for me this summer and allowed me to be a part of their lives for a little bit. Please do not for-get-me-not. You each have a dear place in my heart and I am serious when I say you are always welcomed in South Korea! J
My soul is happy. My body is tried. My heart is encouraged. This summer has been good for my soul. It has helped me to gain perspective and excited for this next school year. I feel joy, peace, giddiness, and contentment for what is next. I am excited to get on the airplane tomorrow and make the long journey to my home for now, South Korea. I can’t wait to settle into my new apartment and decorate it. I can’t wait to set up my classroom and met my new little ones. I can’t wait to see Sarah, Caleb and Evelyn who I have missed so dearly this summer. I am ready to embrace this year for whatever God has for me. I have learned that through all things He gives me strength and wisdom. Yes, this year may have some challenges, but I have grown to know that when you have a hopeful perspective it gets you far. Round 2 here I come! J Remember don’t for-get-me-not because I won't forget you! Please continue to keep me updated on what's going on in your life and how I can pray for you! I love you much!
                                                                                                                        Love, Daniella

Monday, July 7, 2014

What's next?

What’s next is a common question that so many have asked me this summer while being “home” in the states. Most of you know that I signed a 2-year contact with Pyeongtaek International Christian School and you know that I did survive the first year (only by the grace of God, lots of prayer and my supportive family both in Korea and my biological family). So I have one more year of teaching left in my contact for sure (and I am really excited about this coming year!!!), but what’s going to happen next?

Well, with international teaching you have to make your decision if you are going to sign another one year contact by November. Of course I have to get an invitation to return, but we are just going to pretend that I do! ;) When I signed my contact last year I remember thinking I can do this it’s only two years and then we will see what God has for me, but never did I think I would have to already be making another decision of what’s next so soon.  Suddenly it feels like life is going so fast! Where did the last year go?
This summer I have been in constant prayer and mapping out different options of “what’s next?” I have about 4 different options that I am exploring and praying about constantly! Sometimes I get overwhelmed and wish I just knew what life is going to look like in a year, but then God reminds me that my life is in His hands. His plans to give me a hope and a future! (Jer. 29:11)
In the beginning of the summer I just happened to discover an amazing blog called she reads truth. It is a blog devotional that a group of woman have put together. Each day there is a little devotional to go with a few verses from the Bible. They go through each chapter of the Bible. This month “we” are going through the book of Ruth.  I love the book of Ruth for many reasons and have been in many bible studies that study this book and heard lots of sermons on it, but as I have been reading through it again this summer it has captured my heart.  I feel like the book of Ruth was written for me this summer. In each verse God has spoken to me and has laid different truths on my life in some many different areas of my life. It has been amazing setting apart time discovering what the Lord wants to teach me through His words in the book of Ruth.
Something that grab my heart yesterday that goes along with my prayer of “what’s next?” can be found in Ruth 1:6.

This verse is a very commonly used verse and I have heard it over and over again, but oh, my! did the Lord capture my heart again when reading it and gave me an amazing feeling of peace. He asked me to give Him complete control. To submit all my plans (4 options) to Him. He asked me to declare “God- where you go I go. Where you stay I will stay. Your people will be my people (those who you want me to love) and you are my God! I submit my ideas, my dreams, my desires, my will, my way to you, God. I surrender because I want to follow your way. Show me so clearly what is next in my life. I say I will do anything you ask of me even if it is not what I thought because I realize that you are so much better. Your way is the truth and the best. I want it!”
So, what’s next? I have no idea right now, but I completely trust in my Savior. Just like how Ruth had to wait (waiting place) for Boaz to be her redeemer and for God’s timing. (Ruth 3:18). I am waiting in the waiting place, but never once has our God left our story unfinished and unredeemed. I have faith that in the perfect timing God will open and close the doors for what’s next in my life. He will show me so clearly and I will walk in His will. All I can do now is pray and be still before the One who knows it all, my Savior.
"Where you Go, God, I will Follow" "I TRUST in you"

If you like to pray for what’s next in my life I would love it. I deeply believe God loves to hear our prayers and know that we have to depend on Him for the very best. As I walk out in what God has for me next I will keep you updated! J

Much love, Daniella

Friday, July 4, 2014


Loved. I am loved by my Savior. Yes, I am loved by Savior who died on the cross so that my sins (my daily sins) can be washed as white as snow. I am loved. My Savior has captured my heart. He has pursued me. He has overwhelmed me with His unconditional love. His love that is measureless. His love that is forgiving. His love that is matchless. His love that loves beyond anything else! His amazing, gracious, and all-consuming love for me.  He just loves me. He loves my soul.

As I am in the states for the summer God has daily shown me how much He loves me. He loves me through the circumstances I am placed in day and day out. This past year has been a year of a beautiful mess, but you know what I can now say “I am so thankful for each and every moment.” I convinced God brought me overseas to teach me some very valuable lesson that He knew I wouldn’t get if I stayed in the comfortable. He had to bring me to a place where I would have to bend my stubborn knees and rely completely on Him; A place where nothing else would satisfy me, but Him- my comforter, my strength, my wisdom, my heartbeat, my provider, my guide and my hope.  He has taught me that I am:

1.      Loved. I am loved by the one who created me. I am perfect in His image by grace.

2.      Alone. I am never alone. He has satisfy my heart (and this summer He has provided many opportunities to show me this J)

3.      Supported. There are so many people who are supporting me through prayer and encouragement. God has surrounded them around me in the perfect timing and way.

4.      Healed. I am no longer broken in areas, but I am healed and ready to move on.

5.      Dreamer. To keep dreaming and pursuing Him for His has great plans for my life. He knows what my decision will be in November (this is when I have to decide what is next in my life). I trust in Him!

Loved. My soul is loved by my Savior. He has captured me.  Daily this summer I am remained that I am loved. Loved by my savior.  My prayer is that you will experience this love because I tell you it’s life changing, wonderfully overwhelming and so refreshing. Loved. Loved. Loved.

Loved by my Savior

Love, Daniella