Wednesday, November 25, 2015

in all circumstances

“rejoice always. pray without ceasing. give thanks in all circumstances; for this is the will of God in Christ Jesus for you.”   {first thessalonians five: sixteen-eighteen}

This Thanksgiving finds my heart filled with many emotions: grief, exhaustion, frustration, but also deep down joy, love and overflowing thankfulness. Over the past two and half weeks I have been challenged by {first thessalonians five: sixteen-eighteen} where it says “give thanks in all circumstances.” Yes, this means even in times of valleys our hearts should give thanks. When you first think about it- it sounds crazy, but I can testify that continuing to give thanks in all circumstance of life helps you to keep your focus on the one that truly matters, Jesus Christ. It helps us keep our eyes focus heavenward even when we don’t understand why things happen or experience deep hurt and grief. Tears have been close this Thanksgiving day as I reflect over the past year and more recently the past few weeks, but in it all I am thankful that I have a God that I can trust. I am thankful that I have a family who listens and prays for me daily. I am thankful for a #familyawwayfromfamily that loves me and includes me into their family. I am thankful for friends to bake and cook with. I am thankful for cozy afternoons of listening to Christmas music and journaling. I am thankful that in all circumstances God is in control and will work it for His good. I am thankful that even when the world seems to be in complete chaos we can find peace and hope in our Savior. I am thankful. So I am continuing to chose to rejoice and praise God for all that He has done. I am committing time throughout my day to stop and pray for all the things that are heavy on my  heart today… the list consist of at least 15 things, but even when I don’t have words to pray God hears my heart and cry and I can believe that He will be near to the brokenhearted. His love will overwhelm each and every person on my heart. He will act in His way and timing so I chose to trust and be thankful for today and every day that gives me. Let thankfulness flow from our hearts as we live day for our Savior. 
Happy Thanksgiving, Daniella