Monday, December 16, 2013

the impossible

...six days... yes, six days until I touch ground in the U.S.A... can you believe that it is already here... five months ago I never thought this day was going to come. If you have been following me on this crazy life-learning adventure you would know that my transition to Korea has not been easy, but as I stated in one of my first post "God has not called us to easy. He has called us to be obedient to the plans that He has for us and to trust in His ways always even though the deep valleys and the beautiful high mountains." The last five months have been some of the hardest, most trying, beautiful, loving, depending on others and learning oh, so much! I was browsing through pinterest one day this week after an especially trying day I found this quote by Nelson Mandela:

My heart is sad that such amazing man like Nelson Mandela is no longer in the world. He made an amazing impact on so many lives. This quote from him stood out to me. I feel a little silly for using it in my life because compare to what Nelson Mandela did my life is so so so small, but really "it always seems impossible (living in Korea five months ago seemed impossible to me. I didn't think going home for Christmas could come fast enough) and now it is almost here (done) . I have made it five months and you know what? I believe that I am starting to find a rhythm. I am starting to find my place. I am starting to feel more comfortable with teaching. I am starting to get more involved in my church. I am starting to see how I can bless others instead of receiving all the blessings. I have established my favorite grocery store! I am getting into routine after school. I feel more confident in going places by myself (huge step). I have found a family to love me for who I am and to understand me, encourage me and challenge me. I have some awesome friends. I am so thankful for each of these blessings among the hard. Yes, some hard is still here, but I think that is the beauty of this adventure God is taking me on. He is really working on my heart, my inner strength and my faith. Living in Korea seemed impossible to me in the beginning, but now that five months are over I have hope that I will make it until God calls me somewhere else.

A couple of months ago I had the privilege of attending a Korean church. The service was all in Korean. I was able to listen to a English translation on a head-set for the sermon, but not the worship time. It was overwhelming listening to the Koreans all around me worship God in their language. When I say overwhelming I mean overwhelming in a beautiful, awe-struck and amazing way. One song I quickly recognized was "Tis so Sweet to Trust in Jesus"! I remember tears coming to my eyes because trusting in Jesus is what I have learned to do so deeply in this season in my life. It really is a sweet thing to trust in Jesus.

(Well, I really wanted to put the video on this blog for you all to hear, but I cannot get to work. So frustrating! I am sorry!)

As I head "home" for the holidays I carry with me all the lessons that I have learned so far in this journey. I am so excited to give my parents a big hug, have sister dates with my sister and coffee dates with my brother. I am excited to tell them my story and to listen to what God has been doing in their lives. My prayer is that I will enjoy each day to the fullest and that God will prepare my heart for when I return to my new "home" here in Korea. My students today expressed their worry thinking that I was not going to come back after Christmas. I reassured them that I will be back and ready to learn oh, so much more with them! Big smiles crossed their faces with a huge sigh of relief. They are one of many reasons why I am still here in Korea! :)

Love, Daniella