Friday, January 6, 2017

My DTS Testimony

This blog post is long time in coming. There are so many times I wanted to just sit down and write, but it just didn’t seemed to happen. Even now as I think about all I want to write it seems like so much. Where do I even begin. The past 5 months, my DTS, what I all learned, outreach, being sick, fighting anxiety and rest, saying too many good-byes. My heart just feels overwhelmed. So please bear with me these post over the next few months may be raw, may be all mixed up, may be me spilling out my feelings as I learn to process all that has happened this past year. 

So let’s start at the very beginning. My DTS Testimony! The past 5-months have been everything I hope it would be and more through the joys and only a few lows. I am in awe of all that God has done in my heart and so thankful for the promises He has sealed. 

{We pursed intimacy with Jesus together all being apart of the Intimacy to Impact DTS track}

God showed me that sees me. I’m not disqualified in His eyes. He loves me. He showed me how I can believe in who He created me to be. God is my protector. He has given me a voice to speak truth about who He is to others. I learned that God is with us through it all. That He is worthy to praise. He is worth all my devotion. 

{My DTS Friends & Biggest Encouragers NOT pictured: Our wonderful Staff}

I fell more madly in love with Jesus.

A place of exposing to me that I can find rest in who God created me to be. The inner beauty He put in me… my character for His glory. The desire to live my life like Psalm 27:4 “One thing I asked of the Lord is to dwell in House, gaze upon His beauty and inquire in His temple.”  The deep intimacy and journey He has taken me on. The season of refreshment.

My DTS Family
Realizing the importances of my name Daniella (God is my judge) Joy (the only JOY that will truly satisfy me is found in Jesus). Realizing that the only opinion to listen to is God’s. 

{My dear friends}
God refreshed me and brought me to a place of identifying who I’m. That He has a special plan for each and everyone of us. That He loves the desires of our hearts and wants deep intimacy with us.

McDonalds (aka Mackers was visited at least twice a week}
Spending time with Jesus is the most life-giving time I can have. He loves my complete devotion to Him and through that flows His love through me to others. 
{Loved adventuring with these people}
It was amazing being able to spend 5-months digging deeper into God’s heart, worshiping with other believers, spending hours in the THOP (Tauranga House of Prayer), building deep friendships and loving the New Zealand culture (peace and slow-back pace, the beauty all around me, friendly people, different vocabulary, flat whites and sweet treats.) 

{My dear flat whites!}
New Zealand was so good to me- a place where God allowed me to be •refreshed •restored• renewed• I am forever changed! 

Love, Daniella

P.S. If you have any questions please let me know or if you want to hear more I would love tell you more... we can schedule a coffee date, Skype date or phone date or any other date! :) 

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